Welcome to Maritime Training at HLSCC

Maritime Training at HLSCC offers a number of specialised courses/workshops that prepare individuals to work in the yachting, ferry, shipping and boating industries.

Maritime Short Courses

The courses or workshops are listed below:

Other details are as follows:
  1. Boat masters 2/3 is now offered as part distance/online learning, followed by a 3 day classroom workshop.
  2. For Grade 1 there is an additional 3 day module in Radar Nav’ & Navaids.
  3. Anyone already holding a Grade 1 Licence may enroll for the 3 day Radar Navigation & Navaids Course only, if wished. (Price $300)
  4. Tutorials available for VISR Chart work and Oral exams. ($100/day)

***Please note that the running of courses is subject to subscription (numbers)

For further information on Maritime Training, please contact:

Captain Martin Cherry
Maritime Programme Manager

or email HLSCC STCW

Marine Professional Training (MPT) – Level 1: Marine Hand

Course Overview: MPT Level 1 is a gateway learning platform into the BVI Marine Industry. Comprised of internationally accredited certifications as well as workplace apprenticeship learning, this is the way to begin your Career Path into the Marine Industry.
This Course meets at HLSCC Marine Centre 5 days per week for 2 months, all day, each day. Attendance is critically important, as each day builds upon the lessons learned the day before. After completion of the 2 months workshop, you will then commence your 2 month MPT Level 1 Apprenticeship with a Local BVI Marine Business. 5 days per week, all day, for 2 months. As before, attendance is critically important. No prior marine experience is necessary. All that is required is commitment, effort and a desire to succeed.


Health and Safety Policy

For further information on Maritime Training, please contact:

Matthew Holt
Maritime Programme Manager