About Disaster Management

Welcome to the Disaster Management Programme

The field of disaster management is becoming increasingly important as governments and industries seek to ensure that there is minimal damage, rapid response capability and return to normalcy after natural or manmade disasters. Students seeking an Associate Degree must complete the appropriate general education requirements as well as the programme requirements listed. No course/s taken as programme requirements will be counted as general requirements. Students must earn a grade of C- or above in each of the programme requirements.

Certificate of Achievement Disaster Management

The curriculum in this programme is designed in a multidisciplinary and integrated fashion to focus on the principles of preparedness, response mitigation and recovery. Participants in this programme can use the qualification as a starting point in disaster management studies and careers or to augment their expertise in other relevant areas of service.

Associate in Science Degree
Disaster Management

This programme is designed to accommodate those students who wish to continue their studies beyond the certificate of achievement level. This programme articulates with the Bachelors of Science Degree in Emergency Administration Management (EAM) offered by Arkansas Technical University.

For further information regarding the Disaster Management programme please contact:

Steve Lennard
Disaster Management Programme Coordinator