Student Services

The Student Success Centre is a “one-stop-shop” for support services that promote and enable student success. The purpose of the Centre is to advocate for, provide and facilitate the delivery of services designed to meet the academic support, and personal and career development needs of students. Complementing the efforts of the teaching facility, students will be served through a personalised and structured approach that includes:


• Basic skills assessment and course placement
• Academic advising and academic tutoring
• Transfer information and planning
• Personal counselling
• College and life skills development
• Career assessment and counselling
• Health care and information
• Manage their time
• Resolve personal difficulties
• Join or form a student organization
• Organize student activities
• Develop leadership skills
• Plan their career


Through the Student Success Centre, there will be overall access to information, social, leadership, and personal development activities offered through workshops, organisation, and other student-related opportunities. Services offered include:

Academic Support Services

  • Student Orientation
  • Peer Mentor Programme
  • Tutoring and Study Skills
  • Student Advising
  • Transfer Counselling

Personal Growth and Development

  • Personal Counselling
  • Transfer Counselling
  • Student Activities and Special Events
  • Student Success Seminars

Career Development

  • Career Assessment
  • Career Planning and Counselling