College Policies

Academic Forgiveness Policy
Academic Freedom Policy
Academic Warning, Academic Probation & Academic Suspension Policy
Acceptance of Credits Policy
Acquisition and Collection Development Policy- LRC
Administrative Unit Review Policy and Procedures
Admission Standards and Participation in Institutional Offerings
Admissions Policy – Associate Degree
Admissions Policy – Certificates, Dual Enrolment and Enrichment
After Hours Campus Access Policy
Annual Budget Planning Development and Management Policy
Approval for Travel within the Territory Policy
Articulation Agreement Policy
Articulation Agreements Procedure
Articulation and Student Transfer Policy
Authorisation for Travel Outside the Territory Policy
Basic Skills Assessment for College Placement Policy
Bereavement Leave Policy
Campus Safety and Security Policy and Procedures
Capital Assets Management
Class Attendance Policy
Code of Ethics – Board
College Publications Faculty Staff Guidelines (1999)
Compensation for Educational Achievement
Conflict of Interest
Conflict of Interest for the Board of Governors
Continuity of College Leadership
Contract Duration & Renewal Administration Policy
Course Evaluation Faculty and Staff Guideline
Course Cancellation Policy
Course Substitution
Course Evaluation Faculty Staff Guidelines
Court Related Leave Policy
Curriculum Development and Approval Policy
Determination of Credit Hours
Determination of Grades Faculty Staff Guidelines (1999) pg. 43
Emergency Leave Policy
Emergency Response and Closing
Emeritus Policy
Employee Dress Code
Employee Grievance/Disciplinary Procedures/Due Process FSG (1999) pgs.33-35
Employee Performance Review Policy
Employee Relationship with the Media Policy
Environmental Policy
Faculty Availability to Students
Faculty Office Equipment Faculty Staff Guidelines (1999) pg.50
Faculty Office Hours Faculty Staff Guidelines (1999) pgs. 50-51
Faculty Qualification Policy

Faculty Terms and Conditions of Service & Appointment Faculty Staff Guidelines (1999) pgs. 19-25
Family Leave Policy
Framework for the creation of policies
Fundraising and Gift Acceptance Policy and Procedures
Gen. Duties & Responsibilities(Faculty Rights) Faculty Guidelines (1999) pgs.10-11, 16-19
Grading Policy
Grants, Planning and Management Policy
Institutional Ethics and Integrity Policy
Institutional Research and Consultancy Policy
Instructional Feedback and Evaluation 
Instructional Programme Review Policy
Intellectual Property Rights
Internal Job Transfer Policy
Leave for Voting Policy
Leave of Absences Faculty Staff Guidelines 
Maternity Leave Policy
Naming Opportunities Policy
New Programme Approval Policy
Outside Employment Policy
Paternity Leave Policy
Policy Standards for use of the College Logo
Programme Advisory Committees Policy
Public Information Policy
Refund Policy
Retirement Policy
Revision of Grades Policy
Sexual Harassment 
Sick Leave Policy
Smoking Policy
Special Leave Policy
Sponsorship Policy
Statement of Good Principles and Good Practices 
Student Code of Instructional Behaviour
Student Code of Personal Behaviour
Student Confidentiality Policy
Student Evaluation of Instruction Policy
Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Policy
Student Records – Release of Information Policy
Student Rights and Responsibilities Policy
Study Leave Policy
Terms & Conditions (Promotion & Tenure) 
Tuition and Fees Policy
Use of College Equipment
Vacation Leave Policy
Weapons on Campus Policy
Withdrawl from Class Policy
Work from Home Policy