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There’s much for you to know before deciding to join HLSCC.  Learn about the admissions and enrolment process and the programmes we offer.

Records And Registration

Modify Student courses

  • Add/Drop Period – See above under Registration
  • Withdrawals – See above
  • Administrative Withdrawals –Due to certain circumstances, such as non-payment, conduct or not meeting the pre-requisites, the Administration of the College may withdraw a student.  This withdrawal is reflected on the as ‘WA’ and details are noted on the Course page notes section.
  • Repeating Courses – See Above
  • Waitlist

In instances where classes are filled, students are given the opportunity to be placed on waitlist to try to enter the course if space becomes   available or if another section of the course is opened.  While it is typically done on a first come, first served basis, graduating students are given first preference.


  • Holds – See above
  • Overrides – See above
  • Overload of credits – See above


Modify Student Information

Change of Programme – Before initiating a change of programme, students should contact their advisor. To request a change, students should complete the Add/change Programme Form and submit it to the new programme for approval prior to submitting it to the Registry with the requisite signature.

Change of Address – Changes to any student information on record must be done by submitting the Student Information Update Form to the Registry. This information cannot be taken over the phone or via email without completing the requisite form.

Immigration Status

Students entering the BVI to attend the College must seek and receive permission from the Government, and this approval must be submitted prior to registration.  This group of students are required to carry a minimum of 12 credits per semester, in all semesters with the exception of their first semester and the semester in which they are to graduate.  Academic and financial information is submitted to the Immigration Department every semester.

Students who are already residing in the Territory must provide financial proof or evidence of sponsorship for which they can properly maintain payment of tuition and related fees to the Immigration Department, once they have been accepted by the College.  The financial form will be valid for a year and evidence must be provided on an annual basis to cover finances for the period.  Students in this category who have gone through the local education system will have to apply to the Immigration Department for permission to reside in the Territory to attend the College.

Statement re privacy

The College supports the privacy of students by protecting information that is created, maintained and used by its Departments, and limits access to those administrative, faculty and academic support staff who are deemed to require access to information contained in student records in the course of their normally assigned duties.  Students have the right to inspect their own official records and assign their release to an outside source by signing the Authorisation for Release of Information Form.  Without this authorization, the College will not provide confidential student information, with the exception of “directory information” and in special circumstances.

Final Examination Schedule


How to Request Transcripts

Students and Alumni may request official HLSCC transcripts through the link provided on this page.  A credit card payment is required to complete the order.  Online request are processed within 2 business days after the request is made.  Transcripts are available electronically ($20.00) or via paper ($18.00).  For paper transcripts there are a number of shipping and handling options which impact the final cost of the transcript   E-transcripts are processed via Parchment.

Official Transcripts

Official transcripts can be handled in a variety of ways at the request of the student or alumni.  Mailed copies directly from HLSCC are official only if in the sealed and stamped HLSCC envelope.

Unofficial Transcripts

Students and alumni can print unofficial transcripts through SONIS.


Advising/Registration Form
Application for Admission
Application for Graduation
Authorisation for Release of Information
Change of Programme/Add Programme
Course Repeat
Degree Audits
Enrolment Verification Request
Fresh Start/Academic Forgiveness
Late Drop
Student Information Update
Transcript Request
Transfer Credit Equivalency Request

Student Records and Information Confidentiality
and Release

Withholding Directory Information

The only information the College makes publicly available from student records is that classified as “directory information” – that is, information that would not generally be considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if disclosed.  Directory information includes the following: student’s name, honours and awards, major fields of study, dates of attendance, admission or enrolment status, campus, department, activities, and sports or athletic information.  This information may be released freely unless the student files the Directory Withholding Information Form.  There are certain conditions under which the College will release confidential student information, which are detailed in the Student Handbook.

Students’ Rights

Students at the College have the right to be treated fairly, to accomplish the goals for which they came to the College in a conducive environment harmonious of the College, and to be informed of College polies and/or regulations affecting them.  Any student accused of violating College policies and/or regulations is entitled to fair and balanced procedural protection.  Please refer to the Student Code of Conduct outline in the Student Handbook for additional information.


Prior to the start of each semester a period of advanced registration is available for students to register early.  Students who pre-register and fail the pre-requisite course will be administratively withdrawn from all courses for which the pre-requisite was needed.