FOCUS 2 CAREER is an online interactive, self-guided career and education planning system designed to help you make decisions about your future career goals, education plans, and be Career Ready!

To engage with the FOCUS 2 system, review or download this helpful student workbook:

Career and Education Planning System

How to Setup Your Account and Login to FOCUS 2

New Users:
Create your account by linking to H. Lavity Stoutt’s FOCUS 2 self-registration page from the following:
You will need to enter this access code to register: stingray

Returning Users:
Log back into your FOCUS 2 account at any time. The FOCUS 2 login page for HLSCC can be accessed from the following link:

Using Focus 2

FOCUS 2 layout is designed to walk you through the initial steps of your career and educational planning process. While most students start at the top of the home page, you are free to start at whatever entry point interests you.

System Features
My Career Planning
My Readiness
My Academic Strengths
This area assists you in identifying strengths and your educational/career goals.
Self-Assessment Assess your values, interests, skills, and preferences related to career development planning.
Explore Options Assists in generating options for programs of study, degree pathways, and occupations. You can explore options at by HLSCC major,
occupation title, job family, or area of study.
Take Action Start documenting your educational and career development activities in preparation for creating your resume and cover letters, transfer school applications, job interviews, job searches, and other career development activities.
Education and Planning Results Review saved occupations and majors. Use the “My Portfolio” feature to help you organize. Schedule a meeting with the career or transfer counselor to further clarify and discuss your career or transfer goal

For more information, contact:

Student Success Centre
Counseling Services
Transfer Services