Assessment occurs at various levels within the College.  A sample of some of the metrics used to describe the College’s success are given below.

Education Quality

At HLSCC the assessment of student learning is a high priority.  All courses and programs have specific measurable learning outcomes, and faculty utilize assessment results to improve teaching and learning.  In addition, students’ perspective regarding their education is sought, periodically, through a variety of surveys.  Over 90% of graduating students have reported that they would recommend HLSCC to others.

Student Achievement

HLSCC uses many measures to track the success of students.  Our graduation and retention rates are consistently above the median for community colleges in the USA.

Graduation Rate

Full-Time Retention

Part-Time Retention Rate

A significant number of graduating students felt that their HLSCC education adequately prepared them for job placement or advancement and for studies at a university.

Job and Transfer Preparation

HLSCC alumni reported that HLSCC helped to prepare them for job placement or advancement and for further education.

Job and Transfer Placement