International Students

International Students will have to submit a signed statement verifying adequate financial support to the College and may be required to submit TOEFL scores. A demonstration of proficiency in English may also be required.

Admission Requirements

Students seeking to transfer to the College must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 on a 4.0, scale and must provide a document of good standing from prior college indicating that the student is eligible to re-enroll at the last college or university.  An official transcript and course descriptions and outlines must be submitted and will be evaluated to determine transfer of credit.  Courses with a grade lower than a ‘C’ will not be considered for transfer.  Courses appearing on a student’s transcript which have been transferred from another institution will not be reviewable for transfer.  In such an instance the student must provide official documentation from all institutions from which credits are to be considered.  A student must successfully complete a minimum of 50% of required courses at HLSCC in order to receive a degree from the College.

How to Apply

For admission to HLSCC, applicants must provide:

  1. Check Submission Deadline Dates
  2. Submit official documentation:
    1. Current government/legal documentation, (passport, naturalization certificate/card, belongers card) which have a picture and identify residency status
    2. An official copy of high school/college certificate in English
    3. An official copy of School Transcript
  3. Pay a non-refundable Application fee of $25.00 USD local and $35.00 USD for international students

In addition to the regular admission requirements, students who have not been actively attending College for 4 consecutive semesters will have to complete a new Application for Admission Form, pay a re-admission fee, and submit any updated academic records.