Students who are currently enrolled in high school or who have completed high school but never attended college and are applying for admission as a degree-seeking student, will be considered as freshman applicants. Degree seeking students may study at the college as either a Full-time student (12 credits or more per semester) or as a Part-time student (6-11 credits per semester).

How to Apply

For admission to HLSCC, applicants must provide:

  1. Check Submission Deadline Dates
  2. Submit official documentation:
    1. Current government/legal documentation, (passport, naturalization certificate/card, belongers card) which have a picture and identify residency status
    2. An official copy of high school/college certificate in English
  3. Pay a non-refundable Application fee of $25.00 USD local and $35.00 USD for international students

In addition to the regular admission requirements, students who have not been actively attending College for 4 consecutive semesters will have to complete a new Application for Admission Form, pay a re-admission fee, and submit any updated academic records.

Dual Enrolment

High School Dual Enrolment: Students enrolled in high school may also qualify for concurrent enrolment at the College. Such students must be seniors and must be recommended by the designated high school official based on their academic performance and potential to benefit from advanced instruction.