Mission and Vision


As a premier regional institution, H. Lavity Stoutt Community College empowers students to pursue meaningful lives and careers and to value empathy, honesty, and integrity.


H. Lavity Stoutt Community College changes lives by providing a learning experience that cultivates excellence, intellectual curiosity, community, and a spirit of stewardship.

HLSCC fulfills its mission by:

  • Providing high quality academic programmes, courses, and instruction.
  • Offering high-quality continuing education programmes and courses.
  • Providing services and activities that support individual student success.
  • Cultivating community connections that not only support the college but also create opportunities for the college to serve the community.
  • Cultivating a college culture that uses assessment results to improve institutional effectiveness.

Core Values

Student centeredness: By honouring the needs, goals, learning styles, and unique experiences of our students.

Responsiveness: By identifying and responding to education and training needs and opportunities.

Respect and tolerance: By embracing ethnic, cultural, and national diversity, inclusivity, and mutual respect.

Accountability: By disclosing how well and in what ways we are accom-plishing our mission.

Integrity: By encouraging the free exchange of ideas and embracing honesty, fairness, personal responsibility, and ethical behaviour.

High standards: By providing high quality, innovative, and flexible teaching and learning opportunities.

Data Driven Decisions: By valuing objective decision making.

Cooperation: By valuing and encouraging teamwork, resource sharing, and internal as well as external partnerships.