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Meaning of the Logo

In 1990, a draft of a logo for the College was fine-tuned by local artist Reuben Vanterpool, in consultation with its first Registrar, Mrs. Eileen Lucia Parsons and the College’s founder, Honourable Chief Minister Hamilton Lavity Stoutt. The logo reflects elements of nature and the local way of life that portrayed the purpose and vision for the tertiary level institution. The sun represents the glory of the Caribbean sun that will forever rise each day over the people of the Territory. The bird, a sea-gull, illustrates the heights to which the College would take the people through the education and training that would be available to them while, sailing off into the distance the boat, a traditional Virgin Island sloop, portrays the failing background of a past way of life throughout the Territory. Green and gold, the colours of the logo would become the colours of the College, as they represent the sunny climate and green hillsides that are characteristic of the community that would be primarily served by the College.

What is HLSCC’s Brand?

Brand is everything that we say or do. We are an institution that creates opportunities for our students built on the strong diversity of the people the BVI community that supports the dynamic history and energy of the College.

Our brand value is anchored by 3 core concepts.

  1. People – We are a Community College founded by the people, for the people of the BVI territory to create life changing opportunities.
  2. Preparation – we take a practical approach to educating our students to prepare them for careers, and not just academic success.
  3. Partnership – We claim our history, legacy, and growth through the success of partnerships built.

 Download a PDF version of our logo policy.