Vision Statement

H. Lavity Stoutt Community College will be a regional college of choice for higher education and lifelong learning. It will aid in the improvement of life, a vibrant economy, and nation building.

Mission of the College

H. Lavity Stoutt Community College provides quality higher education and lifelong learning that is responsive to changing community needs, the global economy and evolving technology. The offerings promote individual growth, economic, social, and cultural development.

College Goals

In its quest to fulfill its mission, the College is committed to :

  1. Provide high-quality academic programs, courses, and instruction including:
    • Associate degree programs for students planning to transfer to four-year colleges and universities offering baccalaureate degrees
    • Associate degree and certificate programs that prepare students to enter the workforce and meet workforce needs
    • Developmental courses that prepare students for entry into transfer, career, and technical programs
    • General education courses that provide students with the skills, knowledge, habits of mind, and values that prepare them for success in their academic field and in their personal and professional lives
    • High-quality instruction and engaging learning experiences from dedicated faculty
  2. Offer high-quality continuing education programs and courses including:
    • Professional opportunities for individuals to enhance existing skills, learn new skills, and obtain industry certifications
    • Training programs for businesses, government agencies, and not-for-profit organizations
    • Personal development and enrichment programs and courses that are responsive to the current and emerging needs of individuals throughout the community
  3. Provide services and activities that support individual student success including:
    • Academic support through faculty, computer facilities, library resources, and student support services to assist students in attaining their individual education objectives and career goals
    • Co-curricular activities services that build leadership skills, foster social and emotional growth, promote health and wellness, and prepare students for global citizenship
  4. Cultivate community connections that not only support the college but also create opportunities for the college to serve the community including:
    • Cooperative relationships with other educational institutions, government agencies, community organizations, professional associations, and business and industry
    • Activities and programs which contribute to the civic, cultural, aesthetic, and recreational life of the community
  5. Cultivate a college culture that uses assessment results to improve institutional effectiveness by celebrating and valuing:
    • Innovation and technology in programs, services, and methods of instruction that respond to community needs and contribute to student achievement and success
    • The principles of shared governance
    • Innovation in the planning and management of financial and institutional resources for the long-term sustainability of the institution
    • A well-maintained campus that guarantees a safe learning/working environment for all students, staff, and faculty.

Core Values

Student centeredness: We actively seek to maximize the educational, personal and social development of our students by honouring their learning styles and adapting our teaching and learning behaviours to meet their unique experiences, needs and goals.

Responsiveness: We actively seek to identify and respond to education and training opportunities, using community partnerships as a means of enhancing achievement and success on the part of individuals, industries and organizations in the local and regional communities.

Respect and tolerance: We embrace cultural and national diversity, inclusiveness and mutual respect as a means of improving the learning experience of all, as well as the improvement of the College and community.

Accountability: We value personal and institutional investment in integrated planning, assessment and disclosure of the performance of the College as well as its students, programmes, structures and systems.

Integrity: We encourage the free exchange of ideas and honour our commitments in an environment that embraces honesty, fairness, personal responsibility and ethical behaviour at all levels.

High standards: We are committed to providing high quality, innovative and flexible teaching and learning opportunities for students and employees that enable them to succeed in a highly competitive environment so that they can value and become effective lifelong learners.

Decisions by data: We value and are committed to objective decision-making based on data and information that represents the reality of conditions and the performance of the College in all areas.

Cooperation: We value and encourage team work, resource sharing and internal as well as external partnerships as a means of achieving goals of mutual importance to the College, the individual and the community